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Before I Go, You Should Know

Every adult American should have one of these in the freezer— an end-of-life planning kit. Comes in a plastic button-tie pouch with state-specific Living Will and other advance medical directives, plus a 16-page write-in booklet. Contains the brochure “Death Away from Home,” a directory of U.S. funeral consumer groups, and a checklist of other important documents to store here (like military discharge papers). Order two for a couple.

For help thinking through many of the issues related to funerals (e.g., consumer rights, working with cemeteries, purchasing a casket, cremation, grief, buying a monument, etc.), brochures can be downloaded from our national organization in PDF format: http://www.funerals.org/faq/index.htm.

Undertaken With Love

is a guide intended for congregational committees that form to support home funerals for their members, for pastors and other spiritual leaders contemplating a home funeral ministry, for secular social groups that form to support home funerals for their members, and for  families themselves.  Available as a PDF file, in a study guide format, for six weekly or monthly self-training sessionsdescribes how to start a home funeral committee; how to research and identify your legal rights, options and responsibilities; how to handle, bathe and transport the body; and how to sustain an effective home funeral committee.


Drawing the Circle

(PDF) by Laurie L. Mulvey. This is a short, inspiring story that explains how the author got involved in home funerals at a relatively young age. It is both engaging and useful for the concise rationale it provides to encourage greater participation in the end-of-life process.

Rewriting Rules at Life’s End

Centre Daily Times,  November 2009. This is an in-depth look at home funerals in the Centre County region.


Final Rights

Reclaiming the American Way of Death by Josh Slocum and Lisa Carlson.  This is a state-by-state handbook detailing consumer rights for every state and is available here 

Grave Matters

By Mark Harris. This book is a concise exploration of the modern funeral industry and it is a practical guide to help Americans get to the grave in a more natural way. It is available here. For more on Mark Harris and his book, check out his blog