A Green Burial

A natural choice

” There is growing interest in death care that is not only more frugal, but based on the values of family, community, and the natural cycle of life.  “


Green Burial typically involves caring for the dead without use of toxins and non-biodegradable materials, and sometimes using the burial process to accomplish land conservation, which often involves a commitment to protecting and restoring wilderness.  Watch “Dying Green,” a documentary that explores conservation through natural burial.

> SPECIAL NOTE  (from our national office)

These cemeteries are of varying character. Some are intensively stewarded nature preserves; others are not. If this is important to you, be sure to ask the cemetery about these issues before you decide. The only thing they necessarily have in common is they allow burial without embalming, with a shroud or other simple wood or cardboard degradable container, and without a vault.

Extensive information about green burial:

Green Burial Council

The Centre for Natural Burial

If there are no green cemeteries near you and you want a more natural option, try the following:

Home Burial

Forgo Embalming

Select a wood casket, cardboard box, or shroud for burial.

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